When Sangkuriang Saw Dayang Sumbi

When Sangkuriang Saw Dayang Sumbi

BuletinRakyat.com - The folktale of Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi is a popular legend in Indonesian culture, particularly in West Java. It tells the story of a young man named Sangkuriang who unknowingly falls in love with his own mother, Dayang Sumbi.

The legend begins with Dayang Sumbi, a beautiful and wise woman, who lived alone in a small hut in the forest. One day, while she was weaving, her shuttlecock fell and landed in a nearby lake. She prayed to the gods to help her find it, and in response, a white crocodile appeared with the shuttlecock in its mouth. Dayang Sumbi was grateful and promised to marry the crocodile if it returned her shuttlecock.

Years passed, and Dayang Sumbi married a king and had a son named Sangkuriang. She never told him about the crocodile or her promise to marry it. As Sangkuriang grew up, he became known for his bravery and skill in hunting. One day, he went hunting in the forest and stumbled upon Dayang Sumbi's hut. Not recognizing his own mother, he asked for shelter for the night. Dayang Sumbi agreed, but only if he promised to leave the next day and never return.

Sangkuriang agreed and spent the night in the hut. However, during the night, Dayang Sumbi recognized her own son by a birthmark on his forehead. In a desperate attempt to prevent him from fulfilling the prophecy, she ordered him to build a dam and a boat in just one night. She believed that he would fail and abandon his mission.

Sangkuriang was determined to fulfill the task and asked for the help of supernatural beings. He managed to finish the boat and the dam before dawn. When Dayang Sumbi saw the completed work, she realized that her plan had failed.

In a fit of rage, Dayang Sumbi cursed Sangkuriang, causing the sky to darken and the winds to howl. In his anger, Sangkuriang kicked the boat he had built, causing it to capsize and turn into a mountain. This mountain is believed to be Mount Tangkuban Perahu, which can be found near Bandung, West Java.

The legend of Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi is often told to teach the importance of honesty and the dangers of making promises without thinking them through. The tale has been passed down through generations and remains a popular story in Indonesian culture.

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